What are your delivery options?

We offer free Saturday deliveries for Wilmore. Delivery to Nicholasville is $5, and within Lexington is $8. Just enter your address at checkout and we’ll show you which option is available in your area. 

Our delivery is contactless and we’ll leave your order on your porch.

*For Saturday delivery, please place your order before 8pm the day before. Orders placed after 8pm on Friday will go out on Saturday of the next week.

Why don’t you offer shipping? 

To put it simply, shipping is complicated! Many of our refill products are liquids. Shipping liquid in glass is expensive and creates a larger carbon footprint than we’re comfortable with. Shipping liquid in plastic doesn’t align with our mission. While we’re 100% focused on serving our local community, we completely understand the desire to refill wherever you are! If you’re not local to our area, I recommend doing a quick Google search to see if there’s a refillery or zero-waste shop near you. Thankfully, there are tons of zero waste shops popping up all over the country!

If you live in the central Kentucky area and would like to have zero-waste options closer to you, reach out and let me know! I’m happy to look into expanding into more of the surrounding area if I get enough interest.

What do I do with my empty containers? 

Our refill containers are meant to be returned. Once you’ve used up your product, please wash* your Refill Container (either by hand or in the dishwasher), and then place it on your porch for pickup on the day of your next delivery. We’ll refund you $1 for every Refill Container you return.

*We can only accept clean and dry Refill Containers. If they are not clean and dry, we will have to leave them on your porch and pick them up next time.