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Castile Soap


This is the superhero of soaps. MamaSuds knows that having a different cleaner for each room in your home is unnecessary and wasteful. Their vegan, all-natural Castile Soap is an incredibly versatile all-purpose cleaning soap.

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Castile Soap has hundreds of uses including bathing, face cleansing, hand-washing, floors, dishes, counters, and toilets. Pinterest is a great go-to for DIY recipes.

  • To clean floors, counters, tubs, walls: 1-2 tablespoons to one gallon of hot water
  • To clean toilets: sprinkle baking soda in and scrub, flush. Pour 1/2 tablespoon of soap into the bowl, scrub, then flush

How to Make it Zero Waste:

You’ll receive this product in a glass jar. You can use it to fill a soap pump at home or simply pour out what you need for use. When empty, rinse and dry the jar to return it to Carefull Goods, either by bringing it in to The Local or set it outside your door to be picked up with your next delivery. You’ll receive $1 off your next purchase by returning the jar. The jar will be cleaned and sanitized and used again by Carefull Goods.

Production Information:

Made by: MamaSuds
Made in: Goodrich, MI
Woman Owned and Operated

This soap has been rated a 1 by EWG’s Skin Deep Database. MamaSuds has gone the extra mile to source exceptional ingredients to create naturally-focused, non-toxic products that are free of synthetics. 

Ingredients: Distilled water and potassium olivate (saponified olive oil).

SLS-free, dye-free, no synthetic ingredients, no toxins.
Biodegradable and safe for septic systems


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