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Dish Soap


This dish soap will be tough on grease but gentle on your hands. And hand washing dishes never smelled so good! You’ll enjoy the scent of a citrus combination as bright and awakening as a sunrise, all while tackling that mess in your sink.

Size: 16 oz

Scent: Orange and Lemon

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Use with a wash cloth, sponge, or brush and water to get your dishes sparkling clean!

How to Make it Zero Waste:

You’ll receive this product in a refill container. Use it to fill up a soap pump you already have, or purchase one from Carefull Goods. When empty, rinse and dry the jar, and when you’re ready for another refill, return the jar to Carefull Goods, either by bringing it in to the Olive Branch or setting it outside your door to be picked up with your next delivery. You’ll recieve $1 off your next purchase by returning the jar. The jar will be cleaned and sanitized and used again by Carefull Goods.

Production Information:

Made By: Fresh Coast Clean
Made in: Michigan
Family Owned and Operated

Jen and Michael of Fresh Coast Clean believe that cleaning should be healthy, not harmful. That we shouldn’t have to lock our cleaners away in childproof drawers to keep our children safe from them. They set out to make household products that are made from natural, plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients. Knowing that nature is full of the best stuff, they want their products to give you that toes-in-the-sand, Lake Michigan sunset, cherry blossom good feeling.

Distilled water, glucose, olive oil castile soap, coconut oil castile soap, vegetable glycerin, coco betain, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, litsea cubeba (may chang) essential oil

No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Perfumes, No Fragrances, No Synthetic Colors, No Dyes. Biodegradable.


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